Therapy Augmentation

Clinicians work tirelessly to provide their clients with tools to improve their health and wellness. Unfortunately, the client-practitioner relationship is often, at best, limited to weekly visits, which can lead patients to forget the techniques they have learned and can delay progress that the clinician has worked hard to produce. Thrive programs are designed to provide ways for clients to practice effective techniques for coping with mental and physical health issues. Much of the content in Thrive programs relates directly to skills learned in therapy, and can act as a perfect supplement to face-to-face meetings with a clinician.

Thrive has a range of programs that explores techniques for coping with depression, anxiety, eating disorders, sleep difficulties, body image issues, nutrition and fitness challenges, and more. Clinicians who take advantage of these fantastic resources provide their clients with an edge for coping with issues, and can help ensure that therapy shows significant, long-standing results.