Consumer Product Suites

Thrive Research works with a multidisciplinary group of clinicians and researchers in public health, psychology, medicine, and technology to deliver innovative, cost-effective, and engaging online solutions for a new approach to health promotion. We are collaborating closely with researchers at Stanford School of Medicine's Behavioral Medical Lab to create comprehensive health and wellness programs to address some of the most pressing areas in preventive health care.

Thrive provides your high school and college students with the critical skills they need to become well-rounded, academically successful children with strong character.

8 Important Reasons Parents Choose Thrive

  • Parents want more solutions to enhance their child's well-being -- and targeted attention to critical issues. Here are some key reasons parents choose Thrive:
  • Our programs are created in partnership with Stanford University's Behavioral Medicine Laboratory
  • Our programs are based on decades of proven research and are remarkably effective
  • The power of the Thrive program to meet individual learning needs and styles
  • The quality and variety of the Thrive offerings
  • Our programs promote self-discovery and self-reflection, nurturing personal growth
  • The opportunity for parents to be more involved in their child's success and well-being
  • We are highly recommended by fellow parents, counselors, and industry experts
  • The chance to combine individualized online learning with a strong social community

PeakPerformance Suite

The PeakPerformance suite takes a new approach to student success that works to alleviate the stress that can result from a drive to achieve. PeakPerformance combines validated wellness techniques with state-of-the-art learning exercises to improve focus and reduce frustration. This novel program simultaneously supports student wellness, reduces stress, and improves learning to ensure that your student reaches his or her peak performance with a clear mind and a healthy outlook. View more information

CollegePrep Suite

The CollegePrep suite addresses issues that are important for soon-to-be college students. Dynamic content and interactive assessments explore your student's questions about college life, and help him or her plan for challenges that might arise. Parents can track student progress and goals through an interactive partner program. View more information

Promote Suite

The demands on today's students are high, which often leads young people to neglect their health in exchange for long hours studying, working, and socializing. While many of these students are able to generally maintain good health, they are entering a critical period for habit formation, and their current schedule suggests that their wellness may suffer in the future. Promote programs are designed to reach all students and educate them about the benefits of maintaining healthy habits. View more information

Progress Series of Suites

High school and college represent a significant change for students, who often require considerable adjustment to thrive in their new surroundings. Sometimes these difficult adjustments, or other personal challenges, lead to emotional or physical symptoms that can interfere with students' daily lives. ThriveProgress Suites are suites of programs meant to help address issues such as depression, anxiety, transitions (bereavement, divorce, relocation, etc.), relationships, and eating disorders. View more information