CollegePrep focuses on behaviors related to sleep, nutrition, fitness, and mood, which often change in college-age students and can dramatically affect happiness and school performance. Tailored content focuses on easing the adjustment to a new environment, with skill-based modules tailored to questions about common college topics such as test anxiety and starting new relationships.

The interactive program examines how students respond when they confront difficult or stressful events in their lives. There are lots of ways to try to deal with stress. Students are asked to indicate what they generally do and feel when they experience stressful events.


The Prep suite helps students prepare for life at college and beyond. Students explore the college setting while pinpointing ways to develop and maintain healthy habits, initiate supportive relationships, and stay connected to friends and family.

Ideally suited for parents and students

  • Wanting to ease the transition to college life and independent living and learning
  • Are invested in getting their student to and through college
  • Seeking ways to maintain positive sleep, fitness and nutrition habits
  • Overwhelmed by their new environment and experiences
  • Burdened with homework overload
  • Concerned about their student's possible depression, stress, and/or anxiety
  • Worried about alcohol and substance use
  • Coping with making new friends and homesickness


  • Increased confidence around transitioning to a new environment
  • Improved wellness behaviors
  • Awareness of how to maintain supportive relationships
  • Enhanced communication skills between students and parents


The CollegePrep Suite programs include:
  • InJoy: Positive Psychology for Happiness
  • Anxiety: Social Nerves
  • Social Buzz: Dealing with Alcohol
  • Life After College

Each program consists of engaging content tailored to young adults facing a life transition. Skill-building modules include:

  • Meeting new people and exploring new ideas
  • Coping with academic pressure
  • Balancing social life with school demands
  • Avoiding negative effects of drinking
  • Roommate handbook
  • Keep on sleeping, a guide to getting your Zs in college
  • And many more

The CollegePrep suite works to build students' self efficacy and improve their attitude toward transitioning to college. There are documented benefits for mood and body image, two major concerns for college students.