More and more high school and college students are finding themselves feeling overwhelmed, as assignments pile up and the pressure to succeed builds. With PeakPerformance, students learn skills such as mindfulness and emotion regulation, which are proven to support concentration and combat anxiety. Game-based learning exercises tailored to students' styles help memory and information organization.

The suite is designed to support optimum health and promote academic achievement. Skill-based modules focus on establishing routines that create an environment of accomplishment. Specific sessions explore how relationships, time management, nutrition and fitness habits, sleep hygiene, and mood can contribute to personal success. These validated strategies are based on programs proven to enhance mood and contribute to health, which is associated with higher test scores, increased attention, and improved motivation.


The PeakPerformance suite encourages students to perform at their maximum ability by teaching them ways to stay healthy and happy through the challenges of school, work, and home life. This suite focuses on improving attention, memory, and concentration and maintaining healthy nutrition, fitness, and sleep habits.

Ideally suited for parents and students

  • Striving to balance learning and wellness
  • Wanting success, growth, awareness, and resilience in all aspects of life
  • Driven to achieve yet burdened with homework overload
  • Struggling with relationships, peer pressure, and other social stress
  • Looking to improve their relationships with others
  • Coping with sleep or eating issues
  • Looking to improve concentration and time management


  • Enhanced memory, attention, and concentration
  • Renewed focus on balance of mental and physical health with school and work demands
  • Familiarity with techniques for maintaining positive perspective
  • Improved self-efficacy around personal success and achievement


The PeakPerformance suite programs include:
  • Weekly games and activities proven to improve memory and concentration
  • Essentials: An Overview of Wellness
  • Refresh: The Science of Sleep
  • Staying Cool: Coping with Stress

Each program consists of interactive tools for tracking progress and dynamic content that matches individual needs. Skill focuses of the PeakPerformance suite include:

  • Time management
  • Increasing self-esteem
  • Maintaining healthy nutrition and exercise habits
  • Preparing for college
  • Building positive relationships
  • And many more

The skill-building exercises in the PeakPerformance suite have been shown to improve memory and attention. The wellness programs have shown remarkable results in trials, significantly decreasing students' risk for depression, especially in high-risk populations.