Promote curriculum has not only been shown to encourage the adoption of healthy behaviors, but actually shows a decrease in risk for issues such as depression and eating disorders among high-risk students. Personalized logs and engaging content encourage students to consider ways to adapt healthy behaviors into their lives with minimum disruption of their schedules.

This skills-based learning program covers techniques such as mindfulness meditation (used by many business executives and top performers) and emotion coping, which can help protect against mood fluctuations. Nutrition plans and exercise schedules help students balance their many demands with a healthy lifestyle. This comprehensive suite is an ideal program for high school and college students who are interested in achieving self-awareness and maximizing wellness.


The Promote suite helps students explore how to maintain healthy habits and adopt new behaviors that promote wellness. The suite takes students through a tour of different health topics including nutrition, fitness, and sleep and explores emerging research on positive psychology and building positive relationships.

Ideally suited for parents and students

  • Wanting to learn the best nutrition, physical activity, sleep, and mood habits to prevent chronic disease
  • Coping with stress, emotions, and interpersonal skills
  • Striving to be more resilient and prepared to manage all of life's ups and downs
  • Looking to gain greater confidence, build self-esteem, and reduce negative thoughts
  • Spending long hours studying, working, and socializing
  • Concerned about their student's possible depression and/or anxiety
  • Wanting to use their personal strengths to increase positive experiences
  • Facing peer pressure around alcohol and substance use
  • Looking to improve their relationships with others


  • Adoption of healthy behaviors
  • Improved attitude toward actively pursuing wellness
  • Enhanced self-efficacy in areas of physical activity and nutrition
  • Increased self-reported happiness


The Promote Suite programs include:
  • InJoy: Positive Psychology for Happiness
  • Relationships: Maintaining Social Connections
  • Social Buzz: Dealing with Alcohol
  • Refresh: The Science of Sleep

Each program consists of interactive applications designed to teach health and wellness skills. Skills focuses of the Promote suite include:

  • Coping with negative emotions
  • Meeting people and making friends
  • Resisting peer pressure to use substances
  • Setting a healthy sleep schedule
  • Adapting health habits to high school and college
  • And many more

The programs in the Promote suite have been shown to decrease the risk of depression (most notably in the highest risk individuals). There are also documented benefits for body image: Staying Fit showed improvement in weight and shape concerns for high school and college users.