Customization Services

Make Thrive a Vital Part of Your Unique Solutions

Thrive Research works with a multidisciplinary group of clinicians and researchers in public health, psychology, medicine, and technology to deliver innovative, cost-effective, and engaging online solutions for a new approach to health promotion.

Our programs are an ideal supplement for organizations engaged in therapy and/or tutoring high school and college students. Whatever your particular offerings may be, Thrive programs can add unique value to make them truly stand out.

Thrive programs are designed to keep students happy, healthy, and productive, giving them the mental, social, and emotional skills necessary for success. Highly engaging and providing direct benefits to children and parents, our programs are based on decades of behavior change research and are displayed through a state-of-the art interactive online portal that makes it easy for parents and students to participate.

Designed in partnership with Stanford University's Behavioral Medicine Laboratory, our programs are comprised of a variety of proven components, including:

  • Comprehensive Assessment: We offer programs that are maximally interactive and effective. The comprehensive wellness assessment included in each suite allows Thrive to tailor programs to each individual student as well as evaluate the program for efficacy. All information is displayed to the student interactively, so that he or she can follow progress and adapt goals.
  • Engaging Content: Thrive's content is based on each student's developmental stage and personal needs. Skill-building exercises and interactive games keep students interested while improving their attention and general wellness.
  • Interactive Logs: A central component of behavior change is charting healthy habits, which Thrive encourages each student to do through interactive, personalized logs. Students can see graphs of change over time and set individual goals, while practicing new health and wellness strategies.
  • Thought-Provoking Discussion: Many Thrive suites include a discussion board where students can share ideas about health and wellness. A favorite for many students, these inspiring discussions allow users to feel connected to their wellness community.

Contact us today to see how we can work with you to make Thrive programs a perfect fit for your solutions.