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For the Health of Our Schools

With rampant, chronic health issues affecting nearly a third of our high school and college students, schools are looking for proven, effective, affordable solutions that can combat these issues:

  • 20% of students are at high risk for mood or sleep disorders
  • 25% are at risk for depression
  • 30% are overweight or obese
  • 25% dropout rates

To address these alarming facts, Thrive specialists have combined validated clinical strategies for behavioral change with established educational programs. In partnership with Stanford University's Behavioral Medicine Laboratory, we provide interactive web content, media, and social networking to reinforce healthy lifestyles and well-being. Our engaging programs:

  • Increase the chances of higher academic performance
  • Enhance student attitude, motivation, and outlook
  • Teach and augment skills in health and well-being
  • Reduce risk of disorders -- stress, depression, sleep, eating
  • Reduce behavioral incidents -- from substance abuse to bullying to dating violence
  • Raise awareness of behavioral health issues, including suicide prevention
  • Offer students techniques and skills for a lifetime of well-being
  • Promote awareness through a community culture framework
  • Provide visibility into risks in your school
  • Help reduce the chances of dropout and absenteeism

Merging evidence-based Cognitive Behavior Therapy techniques and social networks in an interactive online environment that's been scientifically proven to be as successful as face-to-face methods, Thrive products are as effective as they are affordable -- in fact, the program can pay for itself by improving a mere fraction of your average daily attendance. That, and so much more.

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