Thrive College Programs


Essentials for College
Essentials provides an overview of health and well-being topics that students face in college and also serves as a precursor to the rest of the Thrive programs. Subject areas covered in the program include fitness, nutrition, sleep, alcohol use, positive psychology, and stress prevention and are designed to promote well-being in the life of a college student.  View course detail

InJoy for College
InJoy examines ways to improve mood through a focus on positive psychology and relationships. College students benefit from this program by learning how to lead a more fulfilling life by concentrating on strengths and virtues. InJoy challenges the student to make small changes and incorporate new techniques into their daily life to optimize their happiness and well-being.  View course detail

Refresh focuses on the science of sleep for optimal performance and well-being. Students work on developing healthy sleep patterns and creating environments conducive to sleep. They are taught Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) techniques based on skills and habits to optimize sleep hygiene and health.  View course detail

Staying Fit for College
In Staying Fit, college students work towards physical activity goals and healthy eating habits that allow them to to reach optimal physical, mental, and social well-being. Weekly sessions emphasize healthy eating, physical activity, and body image.  View course detail

Relationships helps students improve communication with friends and family and provides solutions for starting and maintaining positive relationships. Students will find ways to bolster confidence and resilience.  View course detail

Social Buzz
Social Buzz uses social learning theory, cognitive dissonance, and motivational interviewing to encourage responsible alcohol use in young adults. This program incorporates unique engagement techniques and a tailored curriculum that investigates the consequences of drinking while promoting pleasure enhancement and harm reduction.  View course detail

IaM addresses body image, mood, coping skills, and relationships in young women. This program uses skill-building modules about nutrition, physical activity, and sleep habits to explore how relationships and stress can affect health.  View course detail