Thrive High School Programs


Essentials for High School
Essentials serves as a precursor to the rest of the Thrive programs by providing an introduction to behavior change in key subject areas of a student's life -- including fitness, nutrition, sleep, positive psychology, and stress prevention -- and are designed to promote well-being in the life of a high school student.  View course detail

InJoy for High School
InJoy examines ways to improve mood through a focus on positive psychology and relationships. Students learn techniques for happiness enhancement and ways to find meaning and pleasure in everyday activities. In clinical studies by the Stanford School of Medicine, InJoy was also found to decrease the risk of depression in students.  View course detail

Refresh focuses on the science of sleep for optimal performance and well-being. Students work on developing healthy sleep patterns and creating environments conducive to sleep. They are taught Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) techniques based on skills and habits to optimize sleep hygiene and health.  View course detail

Staying Cool
Staying Cool is a program based on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) techniques, teaching the student emotional resilience and how to cope with stress. The program is designed to apply to a range of situations, from building and maintaining relationships with family and peers, to coping with academic and/or community influence and pressure.  View course detail

Staying Fit for High School
Staying Fit promotes optimal nutrition and exercise habits. This program incorporates food and activities the student likes so change is easier to maintain. Students work towards physical activity goals and healthy eating habits that allow them to reach optimal physical, mental, and social well-being.  View course detail

Social Anxiety
Social Anxiety helps students who feel uneasy when facing social situations, interactions with others, and being evaluated or scrutinized by other people. It provides strategies for anyone looking to overcome shyness or simply gain greater confidence.  View course detail

CollegePrep Program
College Prep is a program designed to prepare students entering the college scene. It reviews topics and skills useful to a college-bound student, such as sleep, fitness and nutrition, relationships, and stress. The content is framed so students are primed to enter this new stage in their lives.  View course detail